Wipes machineWipes machine

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  • The pulp rolls hanger is optional, but TOA also has korogashi (rolling) system which uniquely belongs to TOA.
  • As the only set number of pulp rolls are accumulated, there is no mis counting. There is no idleness in the process, because the pulp rolls are accumulated, while being folded.
  • As the folding device is set at each pulp sheets, you can use it for both pop-up folding and refilling folding.Folding unit is optional. As TOA has various kinds of devices, please ordeer from us what ever you like.
  • Complaints such as mold and etc. aren't made because there is no unevenness of chemical liquid application. Chemical liquid is injected evenly between the sheets.
  • As double cutter system is applied to the log cutter, high-speed operation was made possible.
  • As driving is driven from the driving shaft through timing belt, there is little noise in spite of high speed. Owing to the ideal height of the tissue rolls transportation system based on ergonomics, passing through the pulp rolls can be done easily.
  • Cutting length (size) can be changed only by the handle of the transmission.
  • Owing to the combined unit of pulp rolling hanger and folding stacker, the number of tissue sheets can be increased. If only this unit is attached to the rear part of the machine, you can have additional tissue sheets. 。